Fertility Insights with Punita Jhangiani [Interview]

My favorite was a presentation by Dr. Randine Lewis, who is an expert on the use of extra meridians and how to improve our diagnostic and treatment skills using different point combinations. Every woman we treat is unique so this seminar has helped me create treatment plans that are specifically tailored for each patient’s constitution and needs. 

How did you become so passionate in helping people with infertility? 

My own experience with infertility has made me very passionate about this medicine. I had no problems conceiving my first child. However, my second I took 4 years to achieve a successful pregnancy. After many visits to reproductive endocrinologists I came to the realization to take a step back and start at the beginning. With a diagnosis of unexplained infertility, I wanted to use natural healing and emotional centering to bring me back to balance. I stepped away from the ART and was able to get pregnant naturally with acupuncture, herbs and meditation. Unfortunately, the medical pathway of IVF and IUI is so nerve-wracking, expensive and joyless that many of my patients truly suffer through this process. I felt so blessed with my second child and this made me realize my life’s purpose as an acupuncturist and healer: to help other women and couples experience the joys of family. I learned that achieving inner peace and balance is the key component to healthy reproduction and pregnancy. 

What do you feel are the major causes for infertility? 

A history of menstrual irregularity and pain, overuse of birth control pills, hormonal imbalances and above all stress are the major factors for infertility among most women. Men also have several possibilities that cause weak sperm production and activity. So initially I focused on using acupuncture and other tools such as yoga, meditation, Chinese herbs and other products to get my patients to feel more calm, rested, in balance and then we move on to specific treatments to boost their ovarian production. Personally, I emphasize laughter, joy and love to be very powerful healing sources and I support my patients as I would a sister or a friend. 

Who are some typical fertility patients?

Most of my patients are between 29-44.  Most patients are going through IVF and IUI already prior to starting acupuncture treatments.  I also treat many patients who are choosing to try to conceive naturally. With all clients I carefully treat them according to the phases in their menstrual cycle, utilizing pulse diagnosis to determine the exact treatment to administer that day.  I usually recommend a treatment plan of acupuncture and herbs 2-3 months prior to starring IVF or IUI or natural conception.

Describe a recent patient success story

Sharon recently came to me after suffering two miscarriages and was feeling very stressed and depressed. I diagnosed her with a condition called Cold Stagnation in the uterus with Qi obstruction. I treated her twice a week for 2 months and put her on an herbal formula of herbs that strengthened her blood flow, uterus and increased her Qi. Sharon did this for 2 months before going through her 3rd IVF. I am delighted to report that she is now pregnant with twins and everyone is happy and healthy. 

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