Ties that Bind: Manifesting with the Virgo Full Moon 

“There is only one dogma in Magic, and it is this: The visible is the manifestation of the invisible, or in other terms, the perfect word, in things appreciable and visible, bears an exact proportion to the things which are inappreciable by our senses and unseen by our eyes.” 

— Èliphas Lèvi: Transcendental Magic: Its Doctrine and Ritual

Written by Lisa Stardust


Connection to others is the glue that holds ALL relationships together. In every partnership, we create  psychic cords  that bind us. These cords are invisible energetic forces that fetter us to another. Whether it be a lover, boss, family member, coworker, or friend—we are energetically and emotionally attached. At one point, or another, we may encounter issues with others, which may lead us to feel blocked or dark thoughts associated with the person. It’s also quite possible you may have “grey” thoughts—both positive and negative emotions.


The Virgo Full Moon, occurring March 1st, serves as a reminder to see through the flaws of relationships and an opportunity to optimize and materialize healthier alliances with others. Full Moons are a great time to balance energy within ourselves and others—as we let go of the past and pull in new sentiments. Using both polarities will help us manifest the best version of any relationship by harmonizing the opposing energies.


Using a simple Kabalistic ritual and the clarity of the Full Moon, let’s open ourselves up to new possibilities, by finding balance and harmonizing with the four elements of existence (fire, earth, air, water), while using the 7 human attributes (Sefirot) of the 10 attributes/emanations on the Tree of Life in Kabbalah to guide us to our divine happiness through our own spiritual views and mysticism.



The 7 human attributes, listed on the Tree of Life, consist of two pairs of opposite attributes that thrive when they are in a healthy balance and 3 attributes that are energized and shine when the connecting attributes are balanced and flowing freely:


Discernment                                     Loving Kindness




Acceptance                                      Ambition







Instead of closing the door on future hopes, it’s important to always be open to new possibilities—healthy situations that we created. We can grow and nurture our dreams, relationships, and all important matters in our world. With these techniques you can manifest truest and purest personal wisdom, while relinquishing the self from the shackles of past trauma. As you release negative thought patterns, blocked emotions, and energetic drains you will feel lighter and open to newness and personal transformation.


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