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Plant-Based Supplements: The New Frontier of Supplements

Not all vitamins and minerals are created equal, and your body can tell the difference between synthetic and plant-based supplements. If you have ever taken a cheap, synthetic vitamin or mineral and failed to notice a change in how you look or feel, there is a reason. Artificial vitamins often pass through your body without […]

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Do food sensitivities affect your child’s asthma?  (The case of 11 year old Sean*) 

Mary and Jeff grew concerned when their 11-year old son, Sean,* was waking up multiple nights a week gasping for air necessitating albuterol treatments. This was a pattern that was getting increasingly worse during peaks of allergy season over the past few years. Even on his short and long acting bronchodilators, steroids and allergy medications, […]

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Why this naturopathic doctor recommends introducing solid foods at FOUR months.

First of all, I want to say I am SO excited to get back to blogging. I’ve spent the last year working on my Vaccines Demystified course, and then the My Infant Health Binder, plus seeing patients (my real job!), plus editing Naturopathic Pediatrics.  All this to say – I had to take a major […]

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