Full Moon In Libra: Pause

The March 31st Full Moon (10 deg Libra, 8:36 am EDT) makes a hard square to Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Blocked or defined (Saturn) actions (Mars) will be the point of frustration during this culmination. There may be something you must do or can’t do, and the pressure will make you pause. As you pause, consider what’s unbalanced or projected – where do you need to pull back, where do you need to make more of an effort, what do you need to own? The Mars/Saturn conjunction is exact on April 2nd

The Sun conjoins Mercury Rx in Aries- this Moon will also be about delays/review/questions. Full Moons illuminate, so a key piece of information could become clear. Note that this inferior conjunction (exact on April 1st) is the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde, and you should get some answers. The last Sun/Mercury conjunction was on February 17th (at 28 deg Aquarius) so these two dates may be connected. 

A couple of days before this Venus-ruled Full Moon, Venus in Aries conjoins Uranus (March 28th). This will be a surge of the unexpected, involving money, relationships or self-esteem. A sudden break or impulsive “Yes.” But the Full Moon will put the brakes on, so you’ll have to stop and consider the consequences. In order to correct what’s out of balance, you must be careful and thoughtful. 

This Moon does make a smooth trine to the Uranus-ruled Aquarius South Node (the past) and the Sun trines the Leo North Node (the future) which it rules. So as you’re pausing and questioning, watch for a natural shift from past to future – a chance to develop something more fully, or move that odd/rebellious potential in a direction that brings you pride and joy (the Venus/Uranus conjunction will be your clue about this). The process of moving from past to future will demand that you work harder (Mars/Saturn), accept certain limits and consider a key piece of information that ‘s being revealed. 

On the same day as this Full Moon, Venus enters Taurus. This Fixed, earthy sign is deliberate, and this transit will be about the slow but sure growth of Venus themes. Nothing is happening quickly, but that’s good – what grows in Taurus takes time. So despite this Moon’s frustrations, you’ll immediately be looking at how you can stabilize and secure yourself when it comes to love, money or self-worth. 

Venus rules Taurus and Libra, but they are about very different things. Libra is concerned with others – compare, reflect, harmonize. Make someone else happy. Taurus is self-focused and all about survival – make yourself happy. Consider how these themes play out during this Full Moon. 

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