Venus' Transit of Taurus

Venus enters Taurus (the sign she rules) on March 31st (12:53 AM EDT). This will be a stabilizing influence for the March 31st Libra Full Moon (also Venus-ruled); slow, steady, earthy. 

Venus in Taurus is about developing your essential wants (regarding relationships, money, material goods and self-esteem). What works for you? What feels good? It’s not complicated- you’re either comfortable or not. Your security is enhanced or it isn’t. But this is a step beyond Aries’ raw, unrefined desires. Once Venus enters Taurus, you’re planting Aries’ impulses in the earth and seeing how they grow. 

Note the emphasis on “you.” This is a highly subjective transit – your survival, your security, your self-sufficiency. Venus in Taurus is about you making you happy. 

Taurus is slow and sensual. You have to slow down to savour the good things, and nothing can stabilize if it’s constantly in motion. For the moment, you’re not looking towards the future. You’re concentrating on your current resources – how can you make the most of what you have? 

Venus in Taurus asks you to focus on your self-worth. Do you treat yourself like a precious resource? If not, consider grounding and nurturing yourself with something that appeals to your physical senses (touch, taste, smell). Ultimately, this energy is about doing it for yourself. You’re not looking to anyone else right now, you’re developing your own resources. Your strength rests in your ability to be self-sustaining, because you know who you are and what you want. If these things are doubtful, use this transit to figure them out. 

Here are the aspects Venus in Taurus will make:

  • Apr 4th: square Ceres (5 deg Leo)
  • Apr 7th: trine Saturn (9 deg Capricorn)
  • Apr 10th: square the Nodes (12 deg Leo/Aquarius)
  • Apr 11th: trine Mars (13 deg Capricorn)
  • Apr 12th: sextile Neptune (15 deg Pisces)
  • Apr 14th: trine Black Moon Lilith (17 deg Capricorn)
  • Apr 17th: opposite Jupiter Rx (20 deg Scorpio)
  • Apr 17th: trine Pluto (21 deg Capricorn)
  • Apr 22nd: sextile Juno (27 deg Pisces)
  • Apr 24th: Gemini ingress

Significant aspects:

  • April 7th, trine Saturn: the confirmation of what you want. This is not an exciting influence – it’s sober, deliberate and will probably involve something you’ve been working on. 
  • Apr 11th, trine Mars: gaining momentum from the Saturn trine, we have actions harmonizing with what you want. Committed efforts will net you solid results. 
  • April 17th, opposite Jupiter Rx and trine Pluto: this lux influence says “success.” Jupiter brings more of what you want, while its expansive enthusiasm pushes you to get the most you possibly can out of what you have. The opposition is a tense aspect, so there could be overindulgence and exaggeration, but the trine to Pluto ensures a smooth flow of power. Too, Pluto’s intensity might enable you if you’re tempted to go too far/spend too much. But in general, this is an excellent influence for growing your financial resources or boosting your self-esteem.  

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